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Hydrogen-LPG System

Our own conversion system utilizing hydrogen-LPG hybrid technology

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A failproof solution for EV batteries

One of the biggest concerns preventing customers from buying an electric vehicle is battery hazards, including malfunction or fire damage. By assembling meticulous sensors that can detect not only temperatures but also many other elements including humidity, vibration, smoke, air quality, and even chemical anomaly, our BEMS ensures

safety of our customers.

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 • Battery Power Pack

    Fire Prevention

 Power Plant

    Earthquake detection

    Chemical anomaly detection

 • Smart City / Home

    Total Environment report

    Fire Prevention (Auto fire report to authority)

    Environmental chemical detection

 • Military

    Enemy Vehicle Detection

    CBRN Warfare Report (Connects to Comm. Equipment for Central Management)

 • Hotel / Restaurant

    Smoke / Fire detection (Auto fire report to authority)

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