CEO, Saean Inc. 2013-Present

-20 High Speed EV developments

-120 Patents related to Electric Vehicles

CEO, Leo Motors Inc. (LEOM) 2005-2013

R&D Director, PMC 2001-2004

Design/Engineering Lecturer1997-1999 – UNSW, Australia

PhD in Industrial Design/Engineering, UNSW

Master of Vehicle Styling/Engineering, RMIT

CEO John Lee



Unveils the prototype ED-S 2020, WID-U 2020


Establishes USA Head Office

Establishes offices in USA, Korea and Japan


Develops Global Market

Establishes Japan branch

Pioneers global market – East Asia and Middle East / Europe


Unveils WiD-U prototype of all electric car

Establishes EV-Zone; SAEAN automobile sales corporation


Establishes Business Model

Acquires Our Original Model of Electric Car and Launches in Korean Market

Recognizes as an affiliated research institute by [SAEAN EV Technology Research Center]

Registered car maker (Minister of Land, Transport and Tourism)

Announcing new electric car model Seoul Stall Halle, WiD, WiD-U, ED-1 styling development announcement


Builds Business and Overseas Market Base

Establishment of Company and Foundation of Electric Vehicle Business

Establishes SAEAN Co., Ltd.

Global marketing facilities

Team leaders

Stephen Cho

Vice President of SAEAN Group Inc.

Present) VP at SAEAN Group Inc.

CEO at Qingdao Sanzhi Electromechanics Co., Ltd.

10+ Years of Motor Manufacture Career

Ph. D at William Carey International University, Christian Business

Mdiv. at Azusa Pacific University

Th.M. at Fuller Seminary

MBA at Kyoungwon University

Steve Park

Senior Advisor / Designer

Chief-Designer at Ford Australia  

Chief-Designer at Large Car Studios, 
North America

32 Years of Design at Ford in Australia and USA

Rob Draper

Studio Manager

CEO of HO Phase Autos for 12 Years

Creative Consultant for Sean Guitars, Nashville

Co-Creator and Marketing Manager of F11 Gravity Racer

Hyeongseog Kang - Engineering

Present) Managing Director at SAEAN Inc.

Package Senior Engineer at General Motors, US

30+ Years of Total Vehicle Package Engineering Career

Matiz, Nubira, Espero Packaging and Development

Yunsu Ko- Product Planning

•Present) Managing Director at SAEAN Inc.

•Programme Manager at General Motors, Korea

•30+ Years of Total Automobile Production Process Management Career

Hyuncho Yoon

Vice President

Present) Executive Director at SAEAN FX R&D

Senior Chief of Design at FAW Group, China

General Manager of R&D at Ideun Tech

30 Years of Design Career at General Motors, USA

Automotive Design Course at Sundai, Japan

MA in Automotive Design, Hongik University

BA in Industrial Design, Hongik University

Marcus Hotblack

Senior Advisor / Designer

Chief-Designer at Ford Australia  

Head of Design at IAD/Daewoo tech center

Chief Interior Designer at Tata Motors

Hongmyoung Kim - Chief Sculptor

Present) Executive Managing Director at SAEAN Inc.

Exterior/Interior Modelling at General Motors Model Room

Exterior Modelling Supervisor  at Daewoo Motors

30+ Years of Modelling Career at General Motors, US

 Jaeseung Shin - Certification

Present) Managing Director at SAEAN Inc.

Chief at KATRI of Korea Transportation Safety Authority

30+ Years of Transport Safety Career

MS in Mechanical Engineering at Hanyang University

Jongho Cha- Digital Design

•Present) Managing Director at SAEAN Inc.

•Programme Manager at General Motors, Korea

•30+ Years of Total Automobile Production Process Management Career

Junghoon Choi - Business Plan

Present) Managing Director at SAEAN Inc.

CMO at Hi Energy Korea (Small Wind Power)

20+ Years of Business Plan Career

SM Group (The Philippines) Mall Renewal Director

Sanghoon Chae - Engineering

•Present) Senior Engineer at SAEAN Inc.

•New Technology for Light-weight Underbody Structure Research

•20 Years of Underbody Engineering at H Motor Group Account

Seungchul Baek - Design

Present) Design Team Leader at SAEAN Inc.

MA in Transport Design at Hongik University

BA in Transport Design at Baeksuk University

Head Office 625 Fair Oaks Ave. Suite 377, South Pasadena, Ca91030

R&D Center 6F 239, Geomdansan-ro, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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