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Heavy machinery Electrification

We worked on various heavy equipment electrification projects including excavators and dump trucks.

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Clean energy solutions for heavy equipment industries

Using our experience in manufacturing electric vehicles, we provide emission-free solutions for individuals and companies that require heavy equipment, which often creates lots of noise and pollution. We use the latest technology to reverse engineer, repackage, and construct a whole new wiring and hydraulic system to ensure

the final product is not only up to industry standard but excels in what the customer expects.

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Articulated Dump Truck Electrification

 • Max Nominal Range : 80km (basic), 60km(w/ HVAC)

 • Max Speed : 40km/h (27 Ton Load, SOC Less than 30%)

 • Hill Climbing : 30%+ (27 Ton Load, SOC Less than 30%)

 • Acceleration (0~40km) : 20” (10 Ton Load, SOC Less than 30%)

 • Motor : PMSM (180kW (Max) / 2,500Nm (Max))

 • Battery : Li-Po (590V, 120kWh), BMS(Master/Slave)

 • MCU : 300 ~ 540Vdc, (160kW(Rated), 180kW(Max))

 • OBC : Single Phase 100Vac, 6.6kW

 • Fast : Phase 3 800V 150kW(Supports CHAdeMo-3)

 • LDC : 24V(1kW)

 • HVAC : Heater (440V 2kW)

heavy machine 07.jpg

Mini Excavator Electric

Conversion Production Model

 We have successfully converted and exhibited the excavator model

at the trade show held in Japan. The 3.0-ton class mini shovel excavator maintained the performance level of the Diesel engine without compromising the original package.

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