A clean slate for a whole new driving experience

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Introducing ED-S.

Our testament to drivers around
the world who seek exhilarating driving experiences.
ED-S has all the ingredients to be a genuine
sports car. Lightweight, compact, low center of gravity combined with direct handling. We took out one
thing instead: Carbon emissions.

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Charging system

Our safe and reliable charging solution provides
a stress-free electric vehicle ownership experience.

1.6h Fast charge

Available Full-panoramic glass roof

A powerful, streamlined body shape meets full length glass roof for an unobstructed view.

Dimension 4492*1942*1330mm 

Active aerodynamics

An adaptive rear spoiler increases driving stability at a higher speed by reducing lift.

Activated at speed above 100kph

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4.8s0-60 mph

Highest Speed






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Spec Sheet

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