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SAEAN Group Unveils Revolutionary 30-Ton Electric Truck, Tackling Global Carbon Emissions Crisis with Smoke and Noise-Free Solution

Jun 8, 2023

The Republic of Korea's SAEAN 30-ton electric dump truck commercializes eco-friendly technology.

SAEAN Group unveiled its 30-ton articulated electric dump truck, which emits no noise or fumes, as a means to combat carbon emissions. The truck underwent a performance test on May 31 at the Construction Machinery Parts Research Center in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea.

Electric trucks, in particular, which rely on high-powered electric batteries, necessitate advanced safety systems to prevent fire hazards.

SAEAN's 30-ton articulated electric dump truck is equipped with a 300kWh battery and a 250kW electric motor, enabling it to travel up to 100km on a single charge. Moreover, it can be used in construction and industrial operations in enclosed spaces such as tunnels, as it operates without an internal combustion engine, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

On May 31, SAEAN conducted a performance test of its 30-ton articulated electric dump truck (prototype) at the Construction Machinery Parts Research Institute's Comprehensive Test Center in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea. Officials from TD Lease in Japan, which signed a supply contract with SAEAN late last year, were present. SAEAN's electric truck demonstrated impressive performance in off-road climbing and driving on a 1-kilometer circuit. It was also recognized as an eco-friendly electric dump truck with zero emissions, making it suitable for construction in enclosed spaces like tunnels.

On December 13, 2022, SAEAN signed a contract at the SAEAN Technical Research Center in the Republic of Korea to supply TD Lease of Japan with a 30-ton articulated electric dump truck. John Lee, CEO of SAEAN Motors, stated that production will begin next year, with an initial delivery of 45 units to Japan. He further emphasized that the 30-ton articulated electric dump truck will not only be utilized in Japan but also in global markets such as the United States, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

SAEAN has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle market with its development of various vehicles, including the ultra-small micro electric vehicle "WID-U," the electric compact SUV "WID SUV," the electric sports car "EXOD," and electric forklift trucks for construction machinery.

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